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mission statement.

Using Functional Art and Sculptures to bring people and communities together by creating a unique artistic event experience.

vision statement.

Inspiring individuals to participate in making a difference by supporting businessses that invest their time, efforts, and donated contributions to their local communities.



People are the driving force behind all that we do. Our mission statement reflects the importance of bringing people and communities together and enhancing that experience through the medium of art. People are the heart of any event. Whether a wedding, a corporate event, a graduation, or a family celebration, those planning the event have one thing in common, ensuring that all that attend have a positive memorable experience. Artistic Event Rentals shares the same sentiments.


Artistic Event Rentals, LLC purpose is a unique one which has organically evolved throughout our entrepreneurial journey. The first purpose is the foundation of our business model. Giving back where we can and when we can is a sacred value that we are very passionate about. To live out our sacred values we have committed to giving 10% of our profits from every event to an individual in need or organization in the local community. The recipient(s) of the donation will be determined prior to the event. Opportunities may be available to work with Artistic Event Rentals, LLC to identify potential recipients of the donation.

The other purpose is what makes Artistic Event Rentals, LLC unique, The exceptional one of a kind artworks created by artist Del Shearrow, gives us our competitive advantage in the event rental industry. Bringing an art gallery, functional art, and sculptures to your event will set you apart and create a one of a kind experience for your guests, family, friends, employees, or whoever is in attendance.  Having an artistic event is sure to provide those positive memories that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Artistic Event Rentals, LLC is committed to providing quality service from end to end. Collaborating and information gathering is essential to providing quality service and supporting our clients in having a successful event.

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