My mission is to advocate for and donate my art commissions to individuals in my community
who need financial help in overcoming an unexpected catastrophic health crisis.

functional art.

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It’s rare that I ever use new, clean, perfect steel and materials. Whether it’s the character of used, pitted, nicked, scratched, weathered, bent, worn and mangled steel, or, some old copper pipes, a copper roof shingle, or, an antique barn joist,
post or any other old piece of wood...to breathe both life and purpose back into
these materials and give them some design and beauty…is very satisfying.

Sometimes I may use water jets or laser cutters or some other modern technology,
but, I prefer handheld tools, they seem to give me a more intimate relationship with
the materials I'm working with. A literal "hands on" approach leads to a more truly handmade one of kind look vs. an all to common technology based machined look. I’m constantly trying to reinvent how I approach making visuals, assembling shapes, creating art, with whatever materials I may have at that particular time.




event rentals.
Coming Soon!

SFAMadison.com will be launching a new line of functional art products specifically
designed and fabricated for event rentals. These unique one-of-a-kind functional art event rentals will bring
a fresh new and exciting offering to your special day and event!

Artist Del Shearrow has applied his 20+ years of functional art & sculpture design to the event rental industry
where each of these new event rental pieces will be one-of-a-kind unique products for weddings,
product launches and branding, trade shows, anniversaries, birthdays, special events, and other gatherings.
Below are just some teaser close-ups of what is to be unveiled soon...stay tuned!


prints. Coming Soon!

Prints of original SFA artwork, as well as custom made frames for your purchased SFA artwork, are available upon request. Please contact us if you have any questions
regarding both private and corporate artwork and/or large prints for your wall space and meeting rooms.
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